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Where to Find Bluebonnet Fields in Texas in 2024

Bluebonnet fields in Texas are anticipated through the chilly winter months (let’s face it, not very chilly), and when they start to appear in March, locals and tourists alike rejoice at the beautiful spots of purple and blue lining the highways and filling the parks.

Are you wondering where to find Texas Bluebonnets? Then you’ve come to the right place because we are on the hunt for them every Spring. Check out our favorite spots below to make your Texas bluebonnet season 2024 plans!

>>> Texas Bluebonnet Season 2024 Update (as of 3/18/2024):

  • Austin area: Bluebonnets are at peak!
  • Hill Country: Bluebonnets are blooming beautifully! Peak season expected in late March.
  • Dallas/Ennis area: Bluebonnets are starting to appear. Peak season expected in early to mid April.
  • Brenham: Bluebonnets are everywhere and gorgeous! Peak season expected in late March.

Bluebonnets are our favorite! For more wildflower across the state, check out our favorite flower farms in Texas to continue exploring other beautiful blooms!

Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area Bluebonnet in Texas
Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area Bluebonnet in Texas


Bluebonnet Fields in Austin

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is one of the best places to view the bluebonnet fields closest to Austin. There is a bluebonnet area, in addition to many other wildflowers, complete with an adorable photo spot and gift shop. You will receive a map upon entering with trails detailing which flowers you are likely to see in each area. Admission fees apply.

Brushy Creek Lake Park is located north of Austin by just a few miles and has a lovely walking path through the bluebonnet fields. A playground and a sweet lake make it the perfect place to spend the day or to take some family photos.

Brushy Creek Lake Park Texas bluebonnet fields
Yes! I even scope out Bluebonnet Fields in the rain! Brushy Creek Lake Park – late March 2023

McKinney Falls State Park is not only one of the best places to see waterfalls in Austin, but it is also the perfect spot for Texas bluebonnet fields. Hike one of the many trails, picnic among the wildflower fields, and even take a dip in the swimming holes if the weather is warm enough.

Texas Bluebonnets at McKinney Falls near Smith's Visitor's Center
McKinney Falls near Smith’s Visitor’s Center

Another sweet spot for viewing the bluebonnet fields in Texas, is at St. Edwards University. Check out the side of the campus that is along South Congress for a large field of flowers.

Bluebonnet Fields at Lakewood Park, Texas in 2023
Lakewood Park – March 2023

Lakewood Park is just north of Austin and has several bluebonnet fields of its own. They are most concentrated in the parking lot areas, but also sprinkled around the Great Lawn and closer to the lake as well.

>>> Find More Bluebonnets in Austin here

Texas Bluebonnet Fields
Texas Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets in Texas Hill Country near Austin

Texas Bluebonnets in Burnet

Burnet is a charming town is deep in the heart of Texas Hill Country and is surrounded by lakes and wildflowers. Bluebonnet fields can be found at local parks such as Wallace Riddell Park and near the Burnet Municipal Airport.

Bluebonnet Fields in Texas

The best place in Burnet to see bluebonnets is at Inks Lake State Park and Longhorn Caverns State Park. The road leading to the parks is lined with MILES of wildflowers.

As the official “Bluebonnet Capital of Texas” due to their annual Bluebonnet Festival and dedication to preserving bluebonnet fields for all to enjoy, Burnet hosts their annual festival the second weekend of April. With tasty food booth, musical talent on stage, a sweet parade, and a carnival, it is no surprise that over 30,000 people attend this festival each year.

 You can visit the Burnet Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center for bluebonnet themed souvenirs and your own bluebonnet seeds.

Texas Bluebonnets at Wildseed Farms

Fredericksburg, Texas Bluebonnet Fields

While many country roads and parks in Fredericksburg, TX offer views of the gorgeous bluebonnets, perhaps the most popular is a scenic drive around Willow City Loop. This 13 mile drive starts near downtown Fredericksburg and meanders through the hills with bluebonnets filling the landscape along the sides of the road.

Willow City Loop is spectacular when the flowers are at their peak, but with this comes great popularity! Expect crowded roads on the weekend and visit on a weekday if at all possible. It is important to note that the property on the sides of the road is private property. Please stay on the road and take any photos from your vehicle.

Wildseed Farms are a beautiful stop that I highly recommend even when it isn’t bluebonnet season. As the largest wildflower farm in the country, you will always find blooms here to explore and enjoy. Stroll around the grounds (admission is free) and stop by the gift shop for the sweetest of souvenirs. We recommend some wildflower seeds for your own backyard!

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park  and Pedernales River Nature Park are located within about a half hour of Fredericksburg and are both open to the public for epic hiking views and picnic areas.

Bluebonnets in Texas
2023 Bluebonnet Season | Texas bluebonnets on the hillside

Marble Falls Bluebonnets in Texas Hill Country

Marble Falls is another beautiful small town in Texas and they love to show off their bluebonnet fields too! Check out Marble Falls Cemetery and Johnson Park for beautiful views and plenty of space for a walk and a picnic.

Balcones Bluebonnet Fields
Balcones Bluebonnet Fields

Balcones Canyonlands Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center was a true hidden gem on our quest for new flower fields during last year’s Texas bluebonnet season. A short hike (mostly just a 1/2 mile stroll) will take visitors past the sweetest bluebonnet fields under pecan trees names the Pollinator Path. Tread carefully and enjoy time in these bluebonnets – they are magical!

Balcones Canyonlands Wildlife Refuge Visitor's Center Bluebonnet Fields
Balcones Canyonlands Wildlife Refuge Visitor’s Center

Marble Falls is home to the iconic “Bluebonnet House.” While it is a fun stop for a quick photo, fences will keep you from getting close and it is on the side of the road without a great place to park. So if you are in the area, take a quick drive by, but don’t plan a day around it.

Bluebonnet House - late March 2023
Bluebonnet House – late March 2023

Just outside of town is Deadman’s Hole, which is as disturbing as it sounds, but it is also one of the best bluebonnet fields in the area. I could have spent all day there! The short road leading up the historical marker was lined with wildflower fields of all colors and varieties.

Bluebonnet Fields near Deadman's Hole - March 2023
Bluebonnet Fields near Deadman’s Hole – March 2023

If you stop by the Marble Falls Visitor’s Center, they can give you a map detailing the best spot to check out during your visit. Don’t miss the Blue Bonnet Cafe either – they serve breakfast all day and their pie should never be declined!

Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls - March 2023 Texas Bluebonnet season
Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls

Just down the road is Spicewood, which offers Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area. The plethora of bluebonnet fields here is enough to take your breath away in this magical wildflower wonderland! There are six miles of trails here and plenty of room to spread out and take as many photos as your flower-loving heart desires. This is the best place I have found to experience bluebonnet fields in Texas so far in 2024.

Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area Bluebonnet Fields (March 2023)

During blooming season, “Wildflowers Ahead” signs will guide you to the bluebonnet fields. You can pay your admission in advance here or at the kiosk for $5 per adult. They keep their Facebook page updated with current information on the status of the flowers.

Muleshoe Bend Flower Fields in Spicewood
Muleshoe Bend Bluebonnet Fields

Bluebonnets in Brenham

Brenham is in the heart of Central Texas/ bluebonnet country. You can spot Brenham bluebonnets in Old Baylor Park, Washington on the Brazos, fields surrounding charming churches, and in one of the best fields – found behind the Walmart parking lot!

Follow the Brenham bluebonnet trail through surrounding small towns for some the most scenic roads and fields in the state!

Bluebonnets in North Central Texas near Dallas

Ennis – The Official Bluebonnet City of Texas

Ennis is the “Official Bluebonnet City of Texas” due to being appointed so by State Legislature and it does not disappoint! Their crowning glory is the stunning Ennis Bluebonnet Trail which is available every year for the month of April. The Ennis Garden Club sponsors over 40 miles of trails with a guided map to help visitors soak up all the bluebonnet views they can.

Each week, the Club drives the trails in order to obtain up to date information and share it with you here.

Texas Bluebonnet Fields

Some of the best spots to see the bluebonnet fields in Ennis, TX are Veteran’s Memorial Park, Meadow View Nature Area, and Bardwell Lake. Pack a picnic and stay awhile – you won’t regret it!

Pro tip: Try driving the trail on a weekday. It is much easier to find places to pull over and soak it all in without the crowds!

if you don’t mind the crowds, Ennis also hosts the Bluebonnet Trail Festival in early April with music, food, wildflower walks, fireworks, and plenty of fun for all.

Texas Bluebonnet Field


What month do bluebonnets bloom in Texas?

Bluebonnets tend to bloom in mid to late March through April. They only bloom for a few weeks. Winter temperatures and rainfall will cause their bloom dates to vary from year to year, but early April is your best bet if you are trying to plan a trip around their blooming season.

Where is the best place to see bluebonnets in Texas?

Central and East Texas are the bluebonnet belt and where these beautiful flowers bloom. Ennis is the “Official Bluebonnet City of Texas” and offers a beautiful bluebonnet trail. Texas State Legislature designated Burnet as the “Bluebonnet Capital of Texas” with their charming annual Bluebonnet Festival. Both of these towns are good places to start with other locations listed below.

Is it illegal to pick Texas bluebonnets?

There is no official law against picking bluebonnets in Texas, however, viewers are encouraged to leave them for everyone to enjoy. Keep in mind that many flower fields in Texas are located on private property, and so it is of course, illegal to pick those bluebonnets.

Anything else I need to know about seeing Texas bluebonnets?

Please, please, please respect private property. DO not trespass in anyone’s bluebonnet field just for a pretty photo. Also, please do not trample the bluebonnets. There are typically plenty of bare spots in fields to place your feet in order to allow other’s to enjoy the Texas bluebonnets for the duration of the season.

Lastly, keep your eyes open for Texas critters. There is nothing to be alarmed of, but snakes like fields too and ants (who bite!) are around more frequently. A blanket is helpful if you find a nice spot to sit.

Texas Bluebonnets in 2023 near Austin

Bluebonnet Fields in Texas are Everywhere!

While the spots mentioned about are perfect for hiking, picnicking, and exploring, the truth is when it’s bluebonnet season, you really can’t miss it! Enjoy them in business parking lots and lining the highways on your daily commute. Where do you plan to see the bluebonnets this coming Spring?

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  1. We are traveling from Florida next weekend 3/23/24. Do you think we will see any Bluebonnets near Ennis? I saw that you stated on 3/7/24 there were none yet. Do you have an update. Is there any around Waco TX? Any help would be greatly appreciated. We hadn’t planned on going all the way to Austin. (Thank you. I really enjoyed your article).

    1. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for stopping by! You’ll see some bluebonnets around Ennis, but it is still early for that area to be in full bloom. There weren’t many out this past weekend, but hopefully more will pop up throughout this week. I do think you’ll have better luck around Waco, but I haven’t scoped it out this week yet. You can try Highway 6 heading out of Waco for the best chance as well as Redeemer Church and Whitehall Park. I hope you come across some BEAUTIFUL spots!

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