Where to Find Bluebonnets in Texas Hill Country in 2024

Anyone who asks me where to find bluebonnets in Texas Hill Country is speaking my language! Scouting out these beautiful Texas state flowers each spring is my happy place!

Mid-March through April (typically), the gorgeous hills of Texas Hill Country somehow become even more beautiful to see as they turn into a blanket of wildflowers – specifically the Texas bluebonnets! You’ll definitely want to plan a few days trips, scenic drives, and maybe a full weekend to explore all the beauty these wildflowers bring to the landscape each spring.

Bluebonnets in Texas Hill Country

Some of the best bluebonnet fields are well-known such as Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg, but others are true hidden gems (looking at you Deadman’s Hole – yes, it really means that!).

Keep in mind, that blooms vary each year based on temperatures and rainfall. Some of the best places fail to give much of a showing some years. But if you are willing to take a drive, you are sure to find some pretty fields somewhere!

Check out our very favorite places below for spotting bluebonnets in Hill Country along with a map to explore the area with the very best spots.

Marble Falls

Balcones Wildlife Refuge: I pulled into this parking lot on a whim last spring because I just had a feeling, and I am so glad I did! Balcones Canyonlands Wildlife Refuge Visitor’s Center is part of a huge preserve with miles and miles of hiking trails. If you head to the Visitor’s Center though, you’ll find the sweetest bluebonnet field, nature trails, and wildlife viewing station. Relax under the big oak and maybe take a picnic too. The bluebonnets here wind through field like a river – you’ll love it!

Balcones Wildlife Refuge

Deadman’s Hole Historic Site: This creepily named site holds some dark Civil War history, but shows off a beautiful wildflower display in the spring. Deadman’s Hole is at the end of a long, quiet driveway where you can pull over to soak them up. I visited on a weekday last year and there wasn’t another person around. These bluebonnets in Texas Hill Country were absolute perfection!

Deadman's Hole Bluebonnet Fields
Deadman’s Hole

Turkey Bend Recreation Area: Along the Colorado River, lies another beautiful recreation area filled with bluebonnets and other beautiful spring wildflowers. Turkey Bend Recreational Area is a stunning spot for an afternoon picnic or to camp for the weekend.

I did leave the famous Bluebonnet House off of Marble Falls “best of” list here…because I honestly don’t think it is the best place to go! But it is historic and lovely, so if you want to check it out on along your drive, you can read about more Bluebonnets in Marble Falls here.


Inks Lake State Park: One of the prettiest state parks in Hill Country gets even more beautiful in the spring. Head to Inks Lake State Park for some great hiking trails, lake kayaking (rentals available), and beautiful bluebonnets lining the road and trails. Fields of Indian Paintbrush grows here too.

Burnet holds the official title of the Bluebonnet Capital of Texas. Their annual Bluebonnet Festival is held every April is a fun weekend of small town parades, music, games, tasty food, and local vendors.

Inks Lake State Park


Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area: If I had to choose one place to see Texas bluebonnets each April, it would be Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area. Assuming conditions are right, this place is a bluebonnet heaven! *You can make sure conditions are just right by checking their FB page to see flower updates each season.

After driving a mile or so down the rocky entrance road, you’ll find miles and miles of bluebonnets. The smell so wonderful too!

beautiful Texas Bluebonnets at Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area
Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area, Texas Hill Country

Do yourself a favor and pack a picnic, because you will want to stay awhile. Walk the paths or take a leisurely drive through the park to experience these beauties. Consider booking a campsite for an amazing sunset and sunrise experience in the flower fields!

Johnson City + Stonewall

Pedernales Falls State Park: A beautiful state park best known for its beautiful waterfalls and swimming areas, in the spring, the bluebonnets are the park’s highlight!

Pedernales Falls State Park is located just outside of Johnson City and Fredericksburg in the town of Stonewall. Known for their peach picking in summer, you’ll love hiking the trails in this town during spring in search of the perfect hidden bluebonnet field.

Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets

Lyndon B. Johnson State Park: This is a gorgeous spot to see the bluebonnets in Texas Hill Country in the spring. Admission is free (woohoo!), but stop by the Visitor’s Center to check in your vehicle and ask the rangers the best places to go.

Check out the Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & Historic Site to get a taste of life years ago. Then drive through the National Historic Site to see former President Johnson’s childhood home and school, the Texas White House, the resident longhorns, and of course the fields and fields of beautiful bluebonnets!

Living History Farm at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park in Fredericksburg


Willow City Loop: This scenic drive is 13 miles long with the loveliest bluebonnet views appearing on the second half of the route. Head to Willow City from Fredericksburg and drive north on the loop until you hit Highway 16. Beautiful country homes, farm lands, flower lined creek beds, and fence posts covered in cowboy boots will greet you on this picturesque drive.

Willow City Loop is such a popular spot that I don’t recommend driving it on a weekend as there will be so much traffic, you won’t get good views. This is a public road lined with private property, so take care to stay in your vehicle and enjoy the landscape from the road.

Wildseed Farms: One of the best Texas Hill Country locations for bluebonnets, is also the largest working wildflower farm in the country! Wildseed Farms is a beautiful property in Hill Country that also has free admission!

Beautiful Bluebonnets in Austin

You’ll find dozens of native wildflowers to explore and if it is bluebonnet season, you are sure to see them too! There will be one field “just for looking” and photographing from behind the fence, and another that has open aisles for walking through for more photo opportunities.

We love to stop by their gift shop for bluebonnet seeds to plant in our own yard – they make a great souvenir! The ice cream shop is a tasty stop too!

Enchanted Rock: This state park really won me over this past fall when we camped there. I knew it was a well loved spot, but I had no idea how much more beautiful it was then photos could capture! I can’t wait to visit their this spring for some more bluebonnet sightings.

Spring is the perfect time to hike the trails at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area before it gets too hot to climb the rock. Keep in mind that rain will close the Summit Trail, though the lower trails, where some bluebonnets grow, should stay open in all weather.

Enchanted Rock is a state park so $8 admission fee applies per adult. I highly recommend reservations. We saw a tearful woman turned away during our last visit after she had driven several hours without a reservation and the park was full.


McKinney Falls: I searched all over Austin last spring to find the very, very best Austin bluebonnet fields, and in my option, McKinney Falls State Park wins the prize! Drive through the state park toward the Visitor’s Center and Upper Falls. There are a couple parking lots here near a beautiful, huge bluebonnet field. Stay on the open pathways and snap some great photos here – especially at sunset!

We did a family photo session here with Flytographer last spring and the fields were perfect! Plan a sunset picnic by the waterfalls for a practically perfect day.

McKinney Falls State Park Bluebonnet Fields

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center: This beautiful garden center is a sure bet for seeing Texas bluebonnets in Hill Country. You will need to pay admission to get in ($15 for adults; $8 for children), but I am sure you will love it!

Peruse the beautiful native Texas plants and flowers at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and let your children explore the children’s garden.

Bluebonnet Fields in Texas Hill Country

Map of Texas Hill Country Bluebonnet Trail

Check out this map we made for you below showing the location of each of the bluebonnet fields listed above. I recommend a gorgeous drive with the locations that are of interest to you. Be sure to check bloom reports before heading out, and enjoy the view!

Looking for Bluebonnets in beyond Hill Country?

I don’t blame you! Find more gorgeous bluebonnet fields across the Lone State State here:

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  1. We will be staying in New Braunfels from April15-April19. We will be going to the Fredericksburg area one day and San Antonio area another day. Do you have any suggestions for us to see wildflowers?
    Thank you from 2 seniors.

    1. Hi Margo! Wildflowers are lovely on the whole drive up 281 from San Antonio to Fredericksburg. We drove it just yesterday! Willow City Loop is still pretty in Fredericksburg and Wildseed Farm is always fantastic (free admission). You might check in with LBJ State Park in Stonewall as I expect those fields are beautiful right now and interesting to explore for the history too; I’m trying to get there later this week. If you want to drive further, Park Road 4 around Inks Lake is my favorite route in the area (also drove that yesterday – stunning!). If you head up to Lake Buchanan or detour to Muleshoe Bend, those are great too! I don’t have any great recommendations in San Antonio – sorry! We were just in town for a soccer game yesterday, so didn’t get to explore the flowers further, much to my dismay. Enjoy your trip!

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