Visit a Christmas Tree Farm in San Antonio

For a city brimming with holiday spirit, one of its most beloved traditions is visiting a local Christmas tree farm in San Antonio. Christmas tree farms in San Antonio and its surrounding areas offer a unique, hands-on experience for selecting and cutting down your own tree, making it an unforgettable event.

Visiting a tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree is one of my favorite holiday memories from my childhood! Every year we would count down the days and now I love experiencing the annual tradition with my own children. The smell of pine in the air, sipping complimentary apple cider, walking the rows for hours until we could agree on a tree (anyone else?!), and then struggling with the saw to cut it down before hauling it home is the perfect way to kick off to the holiday season.

Christmas Tree Farm family photo

In addition to the thrill of choosing your tree, visiting a local tree farm also creates fun, festive memories for Christmas in San Antonio. Many farms offer activities such as hayrides, hot cocoa, and even visits with Santa, making the entire experience truly magical. This year, create an unforgettable holiday tradition by exploring some of the best Christmas tree farms in San Antonio!

Christmas Tree Farms in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas, is home to several stunning Christmas tree farms (and is one of the best Christmas towns in Texas!) that provide the perfect spot to search for your perfect tree. Here are some fantastic Christmas tree farms in the San Antonio area that we have discovered. You can visit during the holiday season to cut down your own perfect tree or just to stroll among the sweet smell of pine.

Cutting down our own Christma tree

The pricing of San Antonio Christmas trees depends on the size and type you choose. Generally, the cost is calculated per foot, and it’s always good to check and compare prices across various farms to make an informed decision. You may also find that if you exceed a certain height, an extra fee is added to your total. We learned this the hard way a couple years ago when our tree was 8’1″ tall and we got an unexpected charge for that one inch!

Apart from traditional cut trees, several farms offer living Christmas trees. These are sold with their roots intact, allowing you to transplant and care for them after the holiday season. This environmentally-friendly option can be a meaningful addition to your garden.

Most tree farms also offer pre-cut trees if you would prefer not to cut your own or if you are looking for a variety of tree that doesn’t grow in San Antonio.

Family photo by the perfect tree at a Christmas tree farm

Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm

  • 2023 Christmas Tree Sales Begin: November 20, 2023
  • Cut your own: Afghan pine+ Leyland Cypress +Arizona Cypress ($10 /foot)
  • Pre-cut: Fraser Fir (starting at $89)
  • Directions + hours

Located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm offers a vast selection of high-quality trees that will become the centerpiece of your holiday decorations. With years of experience, Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm ensures a festive and family-friendly experience.

You’ll find that Afghan Pines are the most common trees in the field here, with a couple varieties of Cypress as well. Fresh wreaths and afghan pine seedlings are for sale as well if you’d like to try to grow your own tree!

If you visit on the weekend, you’ll find hayrides available for a free ride around the farm. Cute photo opps are also present for some fun photos.

The Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm is a local favorite with a long-lasting reputation for their professionalism and top-rated service. Shoppers often admire the selection of trees, and appreciate that the staff is willing to help cut and bring trees in from the field if you need assistance.

Seiler’s Christmas Tree Farm

  • 2023 Christmas Tree Sales Begin: After Thanksgiving
  • Cut your own: Leyland Cypress + Virginia Pine+ Loblolly Pine + Arizona Cypress Blue Sapphire ($10 /foot)
  • Directions + hours

Seiler’s Christmas Tree Farm is a family-owned operation that takes pride in offering a wide variety of fresh-cut Christmas trees (they have 8000!). Their trees range from 4 to 10 feet high, so they are a great place to go if you have high ceilings and need a tall tree.

In addition to choosing your ideal tree, you can enjoy photo spots, a playground, beautiful wreaths for purchase, and a snack bar.

The farm’s knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you select the perfect tree for your needs and offer tips on tree care and decoration.

Devine Acres Farm

  • 2023 Christmas Tree Sales Begin: November 25-27 and December 2-4
  • Cut your own: Leyland Cypress ($15-20 /foot)
  • Pre-cut: Fraser Fir (6-8′ tall; prices vary)
  • Directions + hours

At Devine Acres Farm, it’s always Christmas! This picturesque farm is the whole package. They offer gorgeous Christmas trees in a warm and lively atmosphere. They grow Leland Cypress trees ranging from 6-7 feet tall as well as North Carolina’s best Fraser Firs (precut).

Besides finding your tree at this San Antonio tree farm, you can participate in numerous holiday activities too. Entrance is $10 each, but that fee is applied toward the price of your tree. You’ll find dozens of activities such as playground, marshmallow roasting, tether ball, a barnyard, giant chess, sack races, and so much more.

Check out their calendar for a couple extra special events such as Pancakes with Santa and Merry on Main which offers live music, Victorian carolers, pizza dinner, a hayride, Nativity, and even falling snow!

Cutting down a Christmas Tree at a San Antonio Christmas Tree Farm
Choosing the perfect tree at a Christmas Tree Farm in San Antonio

Holiday Hills Christmas Trees

  • 2023 Christmas Tree Sales Begin: November 20, 2023
  • Pre-cut: Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, Nordmann Fir, Noble Fir (1-16′ tall)
  • Locations + hours

Holiday Hills Christmas Trees offers not only an impressive selection of hand-picked, fresh-cut Christmas trees but also a huge amount of locations across the city (9 to be exact!). This family-owned and operated business grows their trees in Oregon and ships them in refrigerated trucks to South Texas. Trees are guaranteed to be fresh and offered within 4 days of being cut.

Along with their fresh, lush, and full trees, you’ll also find a wide range of handmade wreaths and garlands at each location.

Customers return again and again due to their customer service, gorgeous trees, and smooth and easy delivery option.

Papa Noel Christmas Trees

  • 2023 Christmas Tree Sales Begin: November 17, 2023
  • Pre-cut: Fraser Fir +Noble Fir
  • Directions + hours

Papa Noel Trees is a one-stop destination for all your Christmas tree needs. Offering premium Fraser Firs from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Noble Firs from the Pacific Northwest, Papa Noel Trees promises not only a gorgeous tree, but a long-lasting one too!

While you can’t cut down your own tree at this San Antonio Christmas tree farm, you can choose your own freshly cut tree. They will even deliver and set it up in your tree stand if you’d like!

Did you know? Papa Noel gets their trees from the same farm in North Carolina that provided a tree to the White House last year! For something closer to home, stop by the Driskill Hotel in Austin for another peek at one of their tall trees decorated and on display,

Murphy’s Christmas Tree Lot

  • 2023 Christmas Tree Sales Begin: mid-November
  • Pre-cut: Balsam firs, Noble firs, Fraser firs, Douglas firs, Evergreen, Pine
  • Directions + hours

For a consistently fantastic selection of fresh and fragrant Christmas trees, visit Murphy’s Christmas Tree Lot. With table top trees starting at just $20 up to cathedral size, Murphy’s offers the greatest selections of firs to meet every preference.

Adorable photo spots and fun games for children on the lot add to the festive ambiance as you pick our you perfect tree.

Pre-orders and delivery are available too!

Cutting down at Christmas tree at a Christmas Tree Farm

Types of Christmas Trees

There are several types of evergreen trees available at San Antonio Christmas tree farms, each with its unique characteristics. Here are some distinguishing features to help you choose which type is your favorite.

Pine Trees are a popular choice, with several different species making an appearance in San Antonio. The Afghan Pine, known for its attractive foliage and sturdy branches, has become a favorite among Texas residents. The Virginia Pine is another excellent option due to its dense foliage, perfect for holding ornaments and creating an impressive holiday display. The Loblolly Pine is a Texas native with strong branches and a beautiful pyramidal shape, ideal for showcasing your best Christmas decorations.

Cypress Trees offer an alternative to the traditional pine tree, with two popular varieties being the Leyland Cypress and Carolina Sapphire. Leyland Cypress stands out with its grayish-green foliage and is known for being hypoallergenic, providing a stunning and allergy-friendly Christmas tree option. Meanwhile, the Carolina Sapphire, a variant of the Arizona Cypress, brings a unique look with its distinctive blue-green foliage and pleasant aroma.

Fir Trees are another attractive option for San Antonio Christmas tree enthusiasts. The Fraser Fir is a top contender, celebrated for its long-lasting needles and pyramid-shaped crown. Its branches are strong enough to hold both heavy and delicate ornaments, making it a versatile option for any household.

Visiting Santa at a Christmas Tree Farm

Tree Selection and Cutting

I’ve helped cut down my own Christmas tree dozens of times (I’m aging myself!) and here is what you can expect along with some helpful tips.

Upon arrival at the farm, you will likely be greeted by friendly staff who will provide guidance on choosing and cutting your perfect tree. They are often equipped with a measuring pole to ensure that the tree selected fits the desired size.

*Tip!* Make sure you know how tall your ceilings are and leave a room for a tree stand and a tree topper!

Once you set your sights on the perfect tree, you can grab a saw for cutting down your chosen Christmas centerpiece. This hands-on experience is the best part! Saw down your tree and take turns taking a few passes each to get fun photos. Someone can stand on the other side and gently pull from the top as it gets close to sawing through.

We recommend some simple gloves to help avoid needles and getting covered in sap. If you do get sap on your hands, we have found that hand sanitizer is the best at getting it off!

It’s essential to remember only to cut down trees with tags, as untagged trees may not be available for purchase.

Once your tree is cut and hauled to the check in area, it will be shaken to help eliminate loose needles and insects, and then will be bagged with a net. Twine will be provided for you to tie your tree down into your vehicle.

At most farms, staff members are readily available to answer any questions and offer assistance throughout the tree cutting process.

Activities at the Farms

Christmas tree farms in San Antonio offer an array of festive activities for the whole family to enjoy. At these farms, you can expect more than just cutting down your own tree; a true holiday bucket list item awaits.

Playing at a Christmas Tree Farm
Playing at a Christmas Tree Farm

At many farms, hayrides are a classic activity that both children and adults can enjoy. Climb aboard a cozy wagon and take a leisurely ride around the farm, soaking in the holiday atmosphere and admiring the beautiful trees. These wagon trips often lead visitors through rows of evergreens, allowing for a better view of the various species available for cutting.

Armed with a saw, families can wander through the farm in search of the perfect tree. Once found, they take on the task of cutting it down, turning this into a fun family activity.

One unique event found at some local San Antonio tree farms is pancakes with Santa. This festive meal creates an opportunity for children to meet Santa Claus himself, while feasting on delicious pancakes. What better way to celebrate the holiday season than combining a tasty breakfast with a touch of Christmas magic?

Many farms also offer visitors the opportunity to make or purchase handmade wreaths. These beautiful decorations are made from fresh, fragrant branches and can be adorned with bows, ribbons, and other seasonal items. Crafting a wreath adds a personalized and creative touch to your holiday décor.

Check each farm’s activities before heading out, and plan for fun photo spots, playgrounds, and toasting marshmallows so you can snack on gooey treats under the Texas sky.

Cutting down a Christmas tree

Other Christmas Tree Farms near San Antonio

In addition to the great options found in San Antonio, there are several other Christmas tree farms in nearby areas worth visiting.

Elgin Christmas Tree Farm

  • 2023 Christmas Tree Sales Begin: mid-November
  • Cut your own: Virginia Pine + Leyland Cypress
  • Directions + hours

One notable farm is the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm, located just a short drive away in the charming town of Elgin. This family-owned farm is known for its wide variety of beautiful trees, fun activities, and friendly staff. Expect farm animals and hayrides at this fun farm.

For a church service on the farm, head to Elgin’s on Sundays at 11am before going out to choose your tree when they open at 12pm.

Elgin’s Farm has a history of giving back to local organizations and supporting their community.

San Antonio Christmas tree farm tree cutting
San Antonio Christmas tree farm tree cutting

Evergreen Farms

  • 2023 Christmas Tree Sales Begin: November 24, 2023
  • Cut your own: Virginia Pine + Leyland Cypress + Arizona Cypress
  • Pre-cut: Fraser Fir + Noble Fir
  • Directions + hours

Another fantastic option is Evergreen Farms, situated in the Austin area. In addition to their stunning trees, Evergreen Farms also offers festive activities such as lawn games, a farm animals, and even a s’mores station on the weekend!

They offer precut trees in addition to their cut your own trees, so this is a great place to get a Noble Fir from North Carolina while getting to experience the tree farm atmosphere.

We had a fun experience when we cut our tree down at Evergreen Farms in 2021, but we highly recommend going when the farm first opens in order to get the best selection! We went the second open weekend the selection was pretty picked over.

Cutting down out tree at Christmas tree farm near San Antonio

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top Christmas tree farms in San Antonio?

There are several great Christmas tree farms in San Antonio, with top choices including Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm and Seiler’s Christmas Tree Farm.

Where to find fresh trees in San Antonio?

For fresh Christmas trees in San Antonio, one can cut down that their own tree Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm or buy a pre cut tree at Papa Noel’s, Holiday Hills, or Murphy’s.

Best artificial trees in San Antonio or nearby?

Although our focus is on real Christmas tree farms in San Antonio, there are options for those looking to purchase artificial trees. Local stores and large chain retailers in the area usually stock a variety of artificial trees, featuring different sizes, styles, and price ranges.

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