9 Best Pecan Farms in Texas to Visit in 2023

Welcome to the sweet and savory world of pecans in Texas! As a Southern state known for its vast farmlands, it’s no surprise to find some of the country’s best pecan farms in Texas.

From small family-owned orchards to large commercial operations, there’s no shortage of places to indulge at a pecan orchard near you. Whether you’re a fan of classic pecan pies or looking for new ways to incorporate these tasty nuts into your diet, check out one (or more!) of these beautiful pecan farms in Texas.

Pecan Orchard in Texas
Texas Pecan Farms

Pecan Farms in Texas to Visit

Comal Pecan Farm

  • Website: https://comalpecanfarm.com/
  • Admission: Thursday – Saturday 1-5pm for spring/summer; different hours for fall/winter
  • Location: 231 High Creek Road, New Braunfels, Texas 78132

If you are craving pecans, either fresh or shelled, pecan oil, or other tasty treats, head to Comal Pecan Farm to pick some up. Their praline pecans and chocolate pecans are among their best sellers along with their honey roasted pecans. For a special occasion, try out their pecan pie in a jar!

Stop by their store and orchard to try out some varieties, see the orchard and how they are grown, as well as pick up some treats to take home with you. This 5th generation of family famers would love to share their orchard story with you!

Stewart Pecan Farm

From Christmas tins filled with chocolate covered pecans to pecan honey butter to salsa and pecan brittle, Stewart Pecan Farm is your one stop shop for all your fall and holiday pecan treats.

This farm opens on November 1st each year and is open until the pecans run out in January or February. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for availability updates.

K2 Farm

This 21 tree orchard is ready to invite you and your family for an afternoon of pecan harvesting! Opening in early November each year, visitors are welcome to harvest pecans that have fallen from the trees and purchase them per pound. You can take them home as is or have them cracked for a small fee per pound.

If you’d prefer to pick up pecans ready to go, you are welcome to do that as well! Enjoy the beautiful setting and plan to spend some time soaking up this lovely pecan farm in Texas.

San Saba River Pecan Company

  • Website: https://greatpecans.com/
  • Admission: November – January; Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm
  • Location: 234 U.S. Hwy 190, San Saba, TX 76877

The San Saba River Pecan Company welcomes visitors with warm hospitality and a free cup of pecan coffee. Taste before you buy and plan to find it hard to pass up their Jalapeno Peach Pecan and Fudge Pecan preserves.

Feel free to bring a picnic table along as tables are ready for you under the beautiful orchard trees. Visitors are welcome to pick up harvested and shelled pecans in the country store or you can pick your own pecans from the pecan orchard if you prefer. Cane poles are available for thrashing if you’d like some extra fun – which makes this one of the best pecan farms in Texas!

Schwegmann Orchard

Schwegmann Orchard can be spotted at Farmer’s Markets selling their tasty pecans and gourmet treats but they can also be found at their orchard too. This orchard is both family-owned and operated, and consists of almost 1000 pecan trees across 35 acres.

Visitors will love dropping by to see this Texas pecan farm in beautiful Georgetown and to pick up a pound or two for snacking and baking. For a special treat, try their pressed Pecan Oil too!

Izzo Pecan Farms

When Fall arrives, so does the pecan harvest at Izzo Pecan Farms. Stop by and visit their 300 tree orcahrd for fresh or shelled pecans as well as other tasty treats such a pecan pie or seasoned pecans. Their Texas shaped variety pack makes for a perfect souvenir!

You can reach out by phone to check availability before heading over: 832-483-1182.

Pick your own pecans at these Texas Pecan Farms
Pick your own pecans at these Texas Pecan Farms

Russell’s Pecans

  • Website: https://russellspecans.com/
  • Admission: Mid-October – Christmas; Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm; shorter hours for January February
  • Location:  12633 Gholson Road, Waco, Texas

At over 100 acres of pecan trees, Russell’s Pecans is THE place to get pecans in the Waco area. Holiday roasted pecans and dipped chocolate pecans are must-have items for most visitors. Their storefront provides an easy place to stop and pick up some treats from their Texas pecan farm that has been in the family for decades!

Ennis Acres Pecan Farm

The pecans from this pecan farm in Texas are not only delicious but high-quality too. Ennis Acres invites visitors to stop by the orchard seasonally in the mornings to pick up pecans by the pound. A highlight of this farm is that you can you buy farm fresh eggs here too!

Call them ((469) 383-6025) before stopping by to confirm open hours.

Boykin Farms

  • Website: https://boykinfarms.com/
  • Admission: Monday – Saturday  8am – 5pm
  • Location: 2432 Co Rd 402, Falfurrias, Texas

At Boykin Farms, you are not only able to buy pecans by the pound, but you can buy pecan trees too! Ready to plant to grow your own pecans, contact Larry Boykin to schedule pickup or delivery (361-227-4403)

Texas Pecan Orchard in Winter
Pecan Orchard in winter

Pecan Farms in Texas FAQs

What month are pecans harvested in Texas?

Pecans are typically harvested in October and November wrapping up by the end of the year. Some farms sell their pecans year round, while others only sell them seasonally in the fall and winter, with an empasis on holiday treats.

Where can you pick your own pecans in Texas?

Most pecan farms in Texas sell pecans that have already been harvested, though you have the choice of buying them fresh, shelled, or cracked. A couple farms allow you to harvest your own after they have fallen, such as K2 Farm and San Saba Farm.

Where do pecans grow best in your Texas?

Pecan trees grow best in East, South, and Central Texas with ample humidity and rich soil. San Saba, Texas is the Pecan Capital of the World and has the largest quantity of pecan trees in the state.

Where is a pecan orchard near me?

Pecan Orchards are sprinkled throughout south, east, and central Texas. From Waco to San Saba, visitors can stop by a local pecan orchard to pick up a pound of fresh pecans, a pecan pie, or even pick your own pecans!

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