Best Places for Port Aransas Golf Cart Rentals

Port Aransas is a popular vacation destination known for its beautiful beaches, abundant fishing opportunities, and vibrant coastal atmosphere (one of our family’s favorite places in the state!). One of the most interesting and enjoyable ways to explore this charming beach town is by finding the best Port Aransas golf cart rentals to explore the island.

There are SO many rental companies that provide a range of options – some are colorful, themed carts and others are more practical, standard models of various sizes.

We’ve done the work for you and curated this list of the rental companies across the island that average only 5 star reviews so you can choose from only the best. *Hint* The beautiful beach cart below is from Sage Beach Carts and is only available if you stay in Cinnamon Shores!

Families and groups of friends will enjoy the fun of cruising around the island as well as the convenience of being able to squeeze into a smaller parking spot – because this fun Texas beach town does get busy and renting a cart is one of the best things to do in Port Aransas!

Port Aransas Golf Cart Rentals | Cinnamon Shores

Exploring Port Aransas by Golf Cart

Port Aransas, located on the Texas Gulf Coast, is known for its stunning beaches and family-friendly atmosphere. One of the most enjoyable ways to discover the charm of this island paradise is by renting a golf cart. Your kids will be squealing, you will be thrilled with the convenience, and the views will be that much easier to see!

Beginner Tips for Port Aransas Rentals: Golf Cart

Whether you prefer miles of shoreline for long beach strolls or thrilling water activities like kiteboarding and surfing, renting a golf cart can provide you with the perfect mode of transportation.

Golf cart rentals come in various sizes: 4-seaters for small groups, 6-seaters for larger families, and 8-seaters for big gatherings. A golf cart will allow you to easily navigate the sandy shores and make beach adventures stress-free and fun.

The rental companies offer flexible options, from hourly to daily and weekly rates, making it affordable and convenient for any duration. Some even provide delivery and pick-up services for added convenience.

A driver’s license is required to operate a golf cart. Rentals Drivers must also be at least 21 years old (and 25 years old with certain companies).

Most beach carts in Port Aransas are allowed on the beach, but be sure to check for guidelines from your rental company directly.

Here are some popular beach spots in Port A that you can explore with your rented golf cart:

  • Port Aransas Beach
  • Mustang Island State Park
  • Whitecap Beach
Port Aransas Rentals Golf Carts

Best Golf Cart Rental Companies in Port Aransas (5⭐)

On our recent trip to Port Aransas for Memorial Day, we saw rented gold carts EVERYWHERE. They are definitely the choice mode of transportation for visitors. And it is no wonder – they are so much fun to drive!

With a ton of rental options available, you can easily find the perfect golf cart to suit your needs and preferences. BUT it also means that there are so many places to research!

So we did the research for you and we curated the list of only the best places with 5 STAR reviews to help narrow down your rental options.

KAZ’s Island Rentals

KAZ’s Island Rentals is a popular place for golf cart rentals in Port Aransas. With a fleet of well-maintained and clean golf carts, they offer plenty of options to suit everyone’s needs. You’ll also find your rental beach cart equipped with stereos and blue tooth speakers.

Make sure to make a reservation at this hopping place. You must be 25 to rent from KAZ’s Island Rentals.

Texas Red Golf Carts and More

Texas Red Golf Carts and More is another great choice for renting golf carts in Port Aransas. They pride themselves on providing excellent customer service, reliable carts, and competitive pricing.

They have a wide variety of carts ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for everyone. They also offer FREE delivery and have beach access directly from their property!

Coastal Ed’s Coastal Carts

Coastal Ed’s Coastal Carts offers not only Port Aransas rentals of golf carts, but they include a Beach Parking Pass with your rental!

Their Yelp reviews highlight the shop’s outstanding customer service and range of well-maintained golf carts. I found their online reservation system with to be very clean and easy to use which gets huge brownie points in my book!

Renting a beach cart is the best way to see Port Aransas

First Stop Cart Rentals and Repair

This small company provides excellent, personal service. First Stop Cart Rentals and Repair focuses on delivering quality golf carts AND top-notch repair services.

Their prices are very competitive especially if you rent for more than one day – which would be very useful to do! They rent 4 seater carts only.

Kacie’s Beach Rentals

Another popular options is Kacie’s Beach Rentals who is known for their clean and reliable Port Aransas beach carts, as well as their friendly customer service. This family owned and operated company is on a mission is to provide a hassle-free experience for all customers, making your Port Aransas visit even more enjoyable.

Delivery service is available for $25. Bluetooth speakers included. Easy online reservations available.

Island Outfitters

Island Outfitters prides themselves on offering the cleanest and newest golf cart rentals in Port Aransas. They strive to go above and beyond to ensure their customers have the best experience possible. They provide golf cart delivery unlimited free fuel, blue tooth speakers, and only golf carts newer than 3 years old.

For easy convenience, they also offer rentals of other beach gear such as chairs, coolers, and sun shades.

And…wait for it…Island Outfitters also offer a package that can provide your group with a smoke-free bonfire (how is that even possible?!), s’mores, chairs, beach games, and a fresh Gulf Coast shrimp boil! Live island music also available.

Sage Beach Carts

Sage Beach Carts promises a a luxurious golf cart rentals with a seamless rental experience and well-maintained and diverse array of golf carts. Catering to various needs and preferences, this company stands out with their commitment to customer satisfaction.

You can expect comfy bucket seats, marine speakers, LED light show, beach tires, and cup holders. Delivery to your door is also available.

They also get huge bonus points from me for being the cutest golf cart rentals on Port Aransas! Seriously, every time one of their aqua blue and white carts drove by, I was wish I was driving one!

Golf Cart Rentals on Port Aransas Beach

Kooks Beach Rentals

  • Location: Mobile Delivery
  • Prices start at: Contact for a quote
  • Rental options: 4, 6, and 8 seater carts

The high-quality golf carts from Kooks Beach Rentals are another great option in Port Aransas. They have all 5 star reviews as well as a wide selection of carts to choose from for your beach days and exploring the cute and colorful town.

Delivery and pickup are included as is a Beach Parking pass! Call or email for availability.

Beach Bum Cart Rentals

Beach Bum Cart Rentals is dedicated to making your beach adventures as comfortable AND as fun as possible. They have quite the fleet of golf carts to choose from and they are a popular choice among Port Aransas visitors.

If you are staying outside of Port Aransas to the south, than Beach Bum is in the perfect location for you. This is one of our favorite spots on the island and highly recommended . Whitecap Beach is close to this rental spot and it is paradise!

Whitecap Beach, North Padre Island

Where to Explore with your Port Aransas Golf Cart Rental

Aside from the sun-kissed beaches, Port Aransas has a vibrant local culture that golf cart renters can explore. The bustling downtown area features unique shops, galleries, and restaurants. Many of these spots are golf cart-accessible, making it easy to enjoy the island’s history, art, and cuisine.

Explore the various street art murals around town-one of our favorite activities. Check out popular landmarks like the Port Aransas Museum, the Fisherman’s Wharf, or the Farley Boat Works.

When you get hungry, drive your golf cart to any of the numerous local restaurants in the area. From the freshest seafood to excellent Mexican cuisine, your taste buds will be quite happy with the flavors Port Aransas has to offer.

Pull up to the beach at sunset with a picnic for the best way to end your day. I’m dreaming about going back already!

Port Aransas Beach Cart on the boardwalk

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rental prices for golf carts in Port Aransas?

The rental prices for golf carts in Port Aransas can vary depending on factors such as duration of the rental, the season, and the type of cart. In general, you can expect rates to range from around $125 to $200 per day. It is advisable to compare prices from different rental companies and inquire about discounts for longer rental periods.

What are the cheapest options for rentals in Port A?

To get the best deal on golf cart rentals in Port Aransas, look for off-season rates, as some rental companies may offer lower prices during these times. Others will give lower rates for multi-day rentals. .Compare prices among different companies to find the most affordable option that suits your needs.

Any coupons available for Port Aransas beach cart rentals?

Some rental companies may offer coupons or special promotions, either on their websites or through third-party platforms. It is a good idea to keep an eye on their social media pages or sign up for their email newsletters to stay updated on any ongoing promotions, discounts, or special offers.

Can you take golf cart on the beach?

Yes, golf carts are allowed on Port Aransas beaches. However, do note that some restrictions apply to ensure safety and protect the environment. Always follow local rules and drive responsibly while enjoying the beautiful beaches.

Do you need a Driver’s License to drive a golf cart?

To operate a golf cart in Port Aransas, one must possess a valid driver’s license. The rental companies will usually require you to present your license when renting a cart. Be prepared to follow all traffic laws, as golf carts are subject to the same regulations as other vehicles on public roads.

Are there 8-passenger golf carts in Port Aransas?

Larger golf carts, such as 8-passenger carts, may be available at some rental companies in Port Aransas. It is best to inquire directly with the specific rental company about their available options and any additional costs associated with renting a larger cart.

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