Strawberry Picking in Dallas in 2024 πŸ“

Spring is finally here, and what better way to celebrate the season than by strawberry picking in Dallas? Luckily, Dallas has no shortage of farms and orchards where you can pick fresh strawberries near you.

Not only is strawberry picking a fun and family-friendly activity, but it also allows you to connect with nature and support local agriculture. Whether you’re a seasoned picker or a first-timer, I’m sure you’ll love strawberry picking in the Dallas area as much as we do! So grab your baskets and get ready to taste the sweetest fruit of the season!

>>> πŸ“ 2024 Strawberry Season is expected to start in mid-April for most farms Be sure to check the farm’s filed update before venturing out! πŸ“

Strawberry Picking in Dallas
Strawberry Picking in Dallas – one of the best things to do in Spring!

Tips for Strawberry Picking in Dallas

Strawberry picking in Dallas is one of the most fun and exciting activities to do during the spring season. Here are some tips for strawberry picking in Texas that will help you make the most out of your experience.

  • Timing is Everything: Timing is crucial when it comes to strawberry picking in Dallas. The best time to pick strawberries is from mid-March through early May when they are at their peak ripeness. Make sure you check with the farm before heading out as weather conditions and crop availability vary each year and sometimes each day.
  • Dress Comfortably: Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty! You’ll be bending down a lot, so wear pants or shorts that allow freedom of movement without being too tight or restrictive. You’ll also want closed toed shoes to protect your toes from biting ants.
  • Wear Sunscreen and a Hat: The Texas sun is no joke so protect your skin by wearing sunscreen and a hat while strawberry picking!
  • Bring Water: Staying hydrated during your visit is essential since temperatures can get high during this time of year.
  • Look for Ripe Strawberries: Look for deep red berries – those are ripe! Avoid green ones since those won’t ripen anymore once picked.
  • Be Gentle with the Berries: When picking strawberries, always use gentle pressure on each berry’s stem or even use small scissors (kids’ scissors work great!). Packing your berries home in a cooler will also help preserve their freshness.

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Dallas Strawberry Picking Farms near you

Dallas Strawberry Picking Farms

These strawberry picking farms are all within an hour of downtown Dallas. Be sure to check a farm’s strawberry availability update before heading out!

Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm

πŸ“ 2024 Season Update: Open as of late March.

Pecan Creek is a hot spot for strawberry picking in Dallas and they have the long lines and crowds to prove it! So plan ahead and get there early because their delicious, red, ripe berries are worth it!

As always, check their field status on social media before hopping in the car. They are great at keeping it up-to-date.

On your visit to Pecan Creek, plan to buy a bucket for $4 that can be reused on every visit. Strawberries are $7 per pound. You are welcome to pick as many berries as you would like until the field is thoroughly picked.

Strawberry jam is also sold so plan to grab one of those too – yum! Strawberry hanging baskets are also available so that you can grow your own delicious berries at home too.

H Strawberry Farm

πŸ“ 2024 Season Update: Open as of late March. Watch the Facebook page for specific U-Pick dates!

This strawberry farm is extremely popular – and for good reason – the strawberries are delicious! In order to visit this farm, it is necessary to watch their FB page for their next U-pick date.

U-pick dates open at 10am, so arrive earlier to get in line. Berries sellout typically within the hour. Weekdays are a more relaxed picking experience, but on weekends, the berries go quickly! Current prices are $6.50/pound.

Demasas Farm

πŸ“ 2024 Season Update: Open for the season.

Demasas Farm is a local’s favorite and many visitors return year after year. Opening in mid-April, strawberry picking by the bucket will leave you with plenty of berries for eating on the way home as well as more for making jam or homemade ice cream.

Demasas Farm also offers a farm stand selling many other produce items such as kale, collard greens, spinach, carrots, okra, fall squash, and thousands of plant your own tomato and pepper plants . Specialty items on the shelves include jalapeno pepper jelly, artisan cheeses, apple butter, and pure raw honey.

WOW U-Pick Farm

πŸ“ 2024 Season Update: This farm is not yet open for the 2024 season. Will likely open in mid-April.

WOW Farm doesn’t just sell fresh, ripe strawberries, but many other produce varieties as well! Pick some cilantro, lettuce, chives, cabbage, and radishes and plan your berries for a dessert. You’ll find most of the picking here in greenhouses provided a bit of reprieve from the weather.

Good Earth Organic Farm

πŸ“ 2024 Season Update: Due to supply chain issues and weather challenges, Good Earth Farm did not offer strawberry picking in 2023 and will not open in 2024.

Dallas Strawberry Picking - full bucket of strawberries

FAQs for Strawberry Picking in Dallas

With its warm climate and rich soil, the Lone Star State produces some of the juiciest and most flavorful strawberries in the country. From small family-run farms to larger commercial operations, there are plenty of options for visitors looking to try their hand at picking their own fruit.

Whether you’re a local or just passing through, taking a day trip to a nearby strawberry patch can be a fun and rewarding activity for all ages. So grab your sun hat and some sturdy shoes, head out to the fields, and get ready to taste the sweetness of picking your own strawberries in Dallas!

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