Texas Bluebonnets | Best Places to See Them in 2024

When spring arrives in Texas, so do the Texas bluebonnets! They carpet the hills, fill the gardens, and locals head out in droves to find them in all their glory for our annual photos in the flowers.

If you are wondering what the hype is, as soon as you see them, you’ll know! The countdown to bluebonnet season has begun and I am ready!

Bluebonnets are not only the state flower – that we are super proud of – but they mark the end of our cold (even though it was super short) winter and the weather is absolute perfection before the heat of summer hits. Spring is the perfect time to visit state parks, start hopping in swimming holes, exploring new hiking trails, tasty BBQ dinners on the patio, and finding all the bluebonnets everywhere.

When bluebonnets in Texas start to bloom, you can see them everywhere – in parking lots, along the highway, in the parks, in people’s yards – literally everywhere. But if you want to walk on paths through the flowers or snap great some great portraits or landscape photos, you are probably wondering to find the BEST places where the bluebonnets grow.

I fill my days ALL.SEASON.LONG finding gorgeous bluebonnets in Texas to share with ya’ll and I have compiled my favorite bluebonnet fields across the state in this handy list. Stay tuned, because every year I find new amazing spots and hidden gems to add to this list!

Bluebonnets in Texas Hill Country
Yep! These bluebonnets are covered in rain, because I search for them all spring long – no matter what the weather!

Wondering when the Texas Bluebonnets will Bloom?

Typically blooming from mid-March until early May, we will keep you updated with the current bloom reports for the 2024 bluebonnet season. Each area usually has the best of their Texas bluebonnets for about 3 weeks before they start to go to seed.

Last year, Austin kicked off the flower party with an early bloom in early March, followed by Texas Hill Country bluebonnets, and then Brenham. Dallas rounded out the line-up with a later bloom in late April due to colder temperatures in early spring. Bluebonnets continued to bloom in Dallas well into May.

  • Austin bluebonnets are at peak!
  • Coastal towns like Rockport are at peak.
  • Hill Country is blooming beautifully! Peak season approaching in late March.
  • Brenham is blooming beautifully! Peak season approaching in late March.
  • Ennis/Dallas is just starting to bloom. Peak bloom should be closer to early April.

Tips for Enjoying Bluebonnets in Texas

I know you are anxious for me to get to the good stuff, but please bear with me for one quick second. Please, please follow these quick tips to help ensure that the Texas bluebonnets are around for many more years to come!

  • Do not trespass on private property, no matter how beautiful the field.
  • Do not trample the flowers. They are always patches of bare spots or paths around the fields to step.
  • Beware of critters that also love the flowers. People warn of snakes (which I have never seen!), but fire ants can also be unwelcome visitor at your photo shoot.
  • Be very careful not to stop on the highway for photos. Enjoy the views during your drive but choose a safer spot to stop.

Best Places for Bluebonnets in Texas in 2024

Bluebonnets in Texas Hill Country

2024 Update: Hill Country is blooming beautifully! Peak season approaching in late March.

Of all the places to find Texas bluebonnets across this state, Texas Hill Country is the absolute cream of the crop! If you disagree, please do let me know! I am always on the search for new amazing places to enjoy bluebonnets in Texas every spring.

Hill Country encompasses several of the cutest small towns in Texas all with some of the best places to see bluebonnets. I recommend choosing a few and making a day of it!

Fredericksburg: Wildseed Farms

This working wildflower farm is the largest in the country. This gorgeous property is free to visit and provides acres of native Texas flowers to explore. They set up one field just for looking and another with empty rows that allow for great photo taking.

Hop into the gift shop at this Texas flower farm to pick up some bluebonnet seeds of your own to plant for next year!

Beautiful Bluebonnets in Austin

Fredericksburg: Willow City Loop

One of the most popular scenic drives in Hill Country during bluebonnet season is Willow City Loop. This drive is 13 miles long and branches out from downtown Willow City. Drive north on the loop until you reach Highway 16. The second half of the drive is the most scenic and you will find the most flowers along the creek beds.

Marked by the iconic cowboy boots along the fence posts, this drive is so popular that we highly recommend only enjoying it on a weekday. Large crowds mean that you’ll be driving along bumper to bumper which makes this scenic drive much less scenic!

Please, please remember that all the property along this road is private. So you are welcome to drive it (or bike it!, but there are not places to stop and pull over.

Stonewall: Lyndon B. Johnson State Park

One of my favorite state parks near Fredericksburg, Lyndon B. Johnson is filled not only with bluebonnet fields in the spring, but also plenty of our state and nation’s history. This state park is free to enter (yay!) and you can stop by the Visitor’s Center for a map of the Historical Site and suggested driving tour.

I have only visited this state park in fall and spring, but it is at the top of my list for 2024, so stay tuned for updated photos!

Burnet: Inks Lake State Park

One of the most beautiful state parks in Hill Country gets even more beautiful during wildflower season – head to Inks Lake for some gorgeous hiking trails, kayaking on the lake, and beautiful bluebonnets lining the road and trails. Later in the season, you’ll also find plenty of Indian Paintbrush growing here too.

Burnet is also known as the Bluebonnet Capital Texas of Texas, so be sure to check out their annual Bluebonnet Festival too!

Marble Falls: Balcones Wildlife Nature Preserve

The next of our favorite Hill Country towns for bluebonnets in Texas is none other than Marble Falls. There are several beautiful fields around town in parks and along nature trails. But we have two favorite spots that are really are hidden gems.

Marble Falls: Balcones Nature Preserve

Balcones Canyonlands Natural Wildlife Preserve is a gorgeous property made up of acres and acres of hiking trails with multiple entrances. For the sweetest bluebonnet field that you can walk through and relax under the big oak tree taking in the views, be sure to head to the address linked above. You’ll also find a wildlife viewing station and pretty, educational plaques along the nature trail.

Deadman’s Hole in Marble Falls

Just down the road is the eerie Deadman’s Hole with a dark history, but also a stunning wildflower display. Pull over along the driveway and enjoy the bluebonnets as well as several other varieties of spring wildflowers. I visited on a weekday last year and there wasn’t another soul in sight.

For more beautiful spots in Marble Falls, check out our full guide next!

Spicewood: Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area

If I had to choose one place to see Texas bluebonnets each spring, it would be Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area. After driving a mile or so down the rocky road through the Rec Area, I came upon miles and miles of millions of bluebonnets. The fragrance was amazing!

beautiful Texas Bluebonnets at Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area
Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area, Texas Hill Country

I have never seen so many bluebonnets in my life as I have here. Do yourself a favor and pack a picnic, because you are not going to want to leave! There are plenty of walking trails to explore, but this is also a great spot to beautiful fields from the comfort and ease of your vehicle if needed.

If you want to enjoy them even longer, consider booking campsite. Most are pretty small and close together, but the scenery is so beautiful that you will love getting to experience it at sunrise and sunset too.

Texas Bluebonnets in Ennis and near Dallas

2024 Update: Just starting to bloom in mid-March. Peak expected to begin in early April.

Ennis was appointed by State legislature as the “Official Bluebonnet City of Texas.” That right there tells you that it is worth the trip!

The Ennis Bluebonnet Trail is the perfect place to explore during the month of April. The Ennis Garden Club sponsors over 40 miles of trails with a guided map to help to you find all the best spots to see some of the best bluebonnets in Texas. The map is updated weekly with flower reports and you can view it here.

Some of the best spots to see the bluebonnet fields in Ennis, TX to add to your itinerary are Veteran’s Memorial ParkMeadow View Nature Area, and Bardwell Lake.

We recommend driving the trail on a weekday. It is so busy on the weekends and it is easier to find places to pull over without the crowds.

Ennis also hosts the Bluebonnet Trail Festival in mid-April with music, food, wildflower walks, fireworks, and fun. The 2024 dates are April 19-21.

Beautiful lakeside Texas Bluebonnets

Texas Bluebonnets near Austin

>> 2024 Update : Bluebonnets are blooming and in peak season.

We live just barely outside of Austin and love that the bluebonnets usually arrive here first! There are some great spots across the city to enjoy these spring wildflowers, but Austin isn’t typically home to the very best bluebonnets in Texas.

With that said, if you live near Austin or plan to be here anyway, there are still some fun spots to get your bluebonnet fix. Also, Texas Hill Country is within an hour of Austin, so definitely check out those spots above too for a scenic drive.

Circle C Ranch Park

We discovered this hidden gem just last year. When you first pull in, it appears to be filled with soccer fields, but if you drive past those, you’ll find an easy walking path lined with pretty Texas Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets in Texas along a trail at Circle C Ranch Park
Circle C Ranch, Austin

McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls State Park is not only home to one of Austin’s best waterfalls, but it is also a beautiful spot for wildflower picking. Our family did a photo session here last year and love our captured memories in the bluebonnets!

Bluebonnets at McKinney Falls
Texas Bluebonnets in Austin

The best flower fields in this state park is near the Visitor’s Center. Follow the map to the parking lot next to the building or the Upper Falls Parking Lot and you will find several fields with walking paths carved out for perfect photo spots.

During golden hour, just before sunset, is the best time for capturing the bloom here!

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Lady Bird Johnson is the primary reason bluebonnets line the highways and parks around the state. Her namesake wildflower center is an excellent spot to see bluebonnets and other spring blooms.

The center grows seasonal flowers year round, but in March and April – that means bluebonnets! With a paved walking path, children’s gardens, and beautiful artistic floral displays, it is a fantastic place to soak up spring and all it has to offer.

Check their calendar for bird watching events, yoga classes, children’s activities, and more.

For more bluebonnets in Austin, check out our full guide next!

Bluebonnets in Texas near Houston

2024 Update: Bluebonnets are blooming and at peak.

With Houston lying so close to the coast, bluebonnets aren’t as prevalent here as they are in Central Texas. However, have no fear, you can still spot these blue (purple?) beauties by taking some nearby scenic drives.

Brazos Bend State Park

Plenty of pretty flower patches can be found at this state park, and you can sometime catch an alligator sighting too!

Buffalo Bayou Park

If you are looking for a spot for bluebonnets in right in Houston, then we would head to Buffalo Bayou Park. The patches here can be small, but there are still lovely and you can capture some great images.

Willow Waterhole Greenway

This large green space is another great spot for bluebonnet hunting in the city. You’ll find acres of space here for kids to run and play while you look for the perfect patch.

Head to Brenham

Brenham is not too far from Houston and the highway (150) between the two is gorgeously lined with bluebonnets between the two cities. For the best bluebonnet experience near Houston, I would head to Brenham for some great fields in the small towns around that area (see below).

Fredericksburg Bluebonnets

Brenham Bluebonnets

2024 Update: Blooming beautifully!! Peak season fast approaching.

Brenham is located between Austin and Houston and makes for a great day trip from either city. Most of the best Texas bluebonnets in the Brenham area are on scenic drives to and from the charming town.

Highway 290 – Brenham to Houston

You will often find gorgeous bluebonnets all along Highway 290 between Brenham and Houston. Plan to just view these fields from your car though as there aren’t great places to stop.

We just drove this in last weekend (Spring Break 2024) and it was jaw-dropping! SO, SO beautiful…..everywhere!

Retreat Hill

This sweet gem is surprisingly not well known, but Retreat Hill is a gated, private property, with…the gate open! The Cox family welcomes visitors to their property to take photos, sign their guest book, and they even provide some of the sweetest props!

Texas Bluebonnet Field in full bloom

Old Baylor Park

This park is a beautiful spot to stop! We had only had a short time to visit it, but I could have spent all day. Explore Sam Houston’s homestead, swing on the swings, and breathe in the beautiful smell of wildflowers.

Free admission and restrooms on site.

March 2024 – Bluebonnets at Old Baylor Park

Highway 159

Take Highway 150 south from Brenham and just explore! Remember to always respect private property and enjoy some of the small town roads that branch off of the highway.

When driving from Industry to Fayetteville, keep your eyes peeled on the right side of the road. You might find something black and white mixed in with all that blue – ZEBRAS!

For a full road trip around Brenham, read all the details about the Brenham Bluebonnet Trail next. It totals 90 miles and takes just a couple of hours to drive without stops.

Ready to See the Texas Bluebonnets?

Texas bluebonnets only last for a few weeks in each field, so make sure to check for my updates when one area of the state has gone to seed. Not too worry, if it is still spring, they are still blooming somewhere!

Weather patterns greatly affect the bluebonnet population each spring. In 2022, the flower fields were kind of mediocre, but 2023 made up for it with some of the most amazing Texas bluebonnets that I have ever seen!

No matter where you choose to explore in the state, have fun, be safe, and soak up the beautiful views! Happy Spring!

Bluebonnets in Texas

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  1. I am trying to locate a bus tour or individual for hire to take me on a bluebonnet tour after April 15th.

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  2. Myself and my friends are leaving Louisiana on APRIL 11 till the 14th to look at bluebonnets. We will start in Brenham and try to see Marble Falls and other small towns. Can you show me on a map where I need to make the most of our time

    1. Hi Donna! You’ll find the Brenham bluebonnets to be past peak now, but you should still see some pretty patches. Hill Country still has plenty of beautiful spots and highways, along with Indian Paintbrush and other wildflowers. You can find the best spots in these articles: https://verytrulytexas.com/bluebonnets-texas-hill-country/ and https://verytrulytexas.com/marble-falls-bluebonnets/. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower was also stunning around the Savanna field a week ago, so hopefully that it still going strong too. Have fun and thank you for reading!

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