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Best Texas Peach Farms for Peach Picking (2024)

Is peach picking at Texas peach farms on your summer bucket list? If not, please add it right away!

These Texas peach farms have gorgeous orchards dripping with local peaches of so many different varieties. Once you have tasted a tree-ripened peach, you’ll never want to buy one from the grocery store again!

While the Texas climate is great for peach growing, it is a tough business! Late frosts and drought, both which have occurred in the last few years have led to many peach farms with smaller crops and unable to offer U-pick options for guests.

You’ll find that many other articles have outdated info with farms that have closed their doors or are only selling at markets. I have updated this list for 2024 – so this information is as fresh as those peaches you are about to pick!

But it is still necessary to check for a DAILY update on the farm’s website before heading out to the orchard, as hours often vary due to weather or availability.

2024 Peach Season Update (as of February): Peach blossoms are starting to appear! Check back in early June!

Pick your own peaches at this Texas Peach Farm

Pro Tips for Texas Peach Picking Near You

  • Tree ripened peaches are ready to eat right away. Picking them in the morning when they are cooler will help them travel home easier without bruising. You’ll want to keep them in the refrigerator as they do not need counter ripening time. But plan to consume them pretty quickly and freeze some for baking later.
  • Bring a cooler to transport them home. You’ll want to spread them out so the ones at the bottom don’t get squished.
  • Peach season is summer which means the weather is HOT! Plan to pick in the morning, and bring a hat, sunscreen, water, and closed toed shoes.
  • Check the orchard’s website for availability on the day you wish to visit
  • Many farms only accept cash
Fredericksburg Peaches at Jenschke Farms

Pick your own Peaches at Texas Peach Farms

Neal’s Berry Farm for picking your own peaches

2024 Peach Season Update: Not yet open for peach season

Neal’s Berry Farm is a low-key farm offering visitors the chance to pick your own peaches. They are a working farm offering other fruits and flowers as well. Peaches are sold for $5.50 per pound.

There is a $3 fee to enter the farm (ages 2+). Visitors are advised to bring their own durable scissors, but you can use their kindergarten scissors provided if necessary. A thin plastic bag will be provided for weighing, but you may wish to bring a bucket or basket that is more durable to carry around.

Availability of peaches can change due to crowds and weather, sometimes with very short notice. Check for crop updates before going to pick your own peaches.

Gemini Peach and Rose Farm – for picking peaches in Texas + roses!

2024 Peach Season Update: Not yet open for peach season

Gemini’s Peach and Rose Farm grows varieties of peaches that are typically ripe in the late June through mid-August. Visitors are welcome to come and fill a bucket of tasty tree ripened peaches. Bell peppers and tomatoes are also offered.

This unique farm also sells roses – over 250 commercially grown roses and over 600 hybridized different varieties! Rose plants can be purchased to plant in your own garden or as cut roses in a bouquet. You can even name your own rose and have it officially registered as a special gift for a loved one.

Jenschke Orchards – most popular place for peach picking in Texas!

2024 Peach Season Update: Not yet open for peach season

Jenschke Farms peach picking in Fredericksburg , Texas

Jenschke Orchards have been family owned and operated since 1961 and has grown into one of the most popular peach farms in Texas. This orchard is one of the best places things to do in Hill Country and should not be missed! Aside from peaches, this gem also offers strawberry picking, Christmas trees, and an incredible pumpkin patch and Texas corn maze in the fall.

At least two dozen different varieties of peaches are grown here with new ones being tested regularly. This ensures that the growing season at this Fredericksburg peach picking farm is long and allows you to pick your own fresh peaches from early May through the end of August!

Click the handy green button on the top right of their homepage for picking updates. Blackberries and Strawberries are available for picking here too – so plan on spending awhile filling your baskets!

Wahl’s Peaches for organic peaches

2024 Peach Season Update: Not yet open for peach season

It is extremely difficult to grow peaches in Texas organically, but Wahl’s Peaches is accomplishing just that! Late May through the end of July, depending on the season, stop by for Texas peach picking and fill your buckets with these juicy stone fruits.

Wahl’s allow you to pick your own peaches, typically on Saturday mornings, but watch their Facebook page for updates as always!

Additionally, this orchard has a interactive path set up with QR codes on signs to scan and learn about their trees. How fun is that? Bring the kiddos along to learn about the farm and where their food comes from.

Cobbler, jam, and peach ice cream are going to call your name when you visit this orchard, so make sure that you arrive ready for dessert!

Texas Peach Farms - Beautiful Peach orchard

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm – the cutest peach picking farm in Texas!

2024 Peach Season Update: Not yet open for peach season

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is one Georgetown, Texas’s many amazing things to do and one of our family’s personal favorites. We have visited Sweet Eats many times in all seasons, and peach picking at this Texas farm is one of the best!

You can pay a flat rate admission fee and enjoy all that this Texas peach farm has to offer (think apple cannons, pig races, pony rides, face painting, and so much more). Or you can visit for free and just cover the cost of your peaches by the pound. Hot tip: If you are going to visit the whole farm, buy your passes in advance online to save $$.

The farm is open 7 days a week, but peaches are only available seasonally in the summer, so check their Facebook page before heading out there. Also, they grow veggies in the summer that you can pick too!

Sweet Eats offers a ton of seasonal fun year round, so check out their calendars for details their sunflower festivals, pumpkin patches, Santa and Reindeer events, and strawberry picking in spring.

Jenkins Farm Peach Orchard

2024 Peach Season Update: Not yet open for peach season

Typically open June – August, Jenkins Farm has delicious peaches to offer and you can pick your own too t this peach farm in Texas too! Bonus! You can pick nectarines and plums when available as well!

Check their website above for daily updates before planning out the peach cobbler you plan to bake with those peaches. You can also call 903-583-2220 for an updated message.

Please note, the address above will get you near the orchard, but you’ll need the following details to easily find it. Orchard is located 10 miles north of Bonham, TX on Hwy 78. Take a left turn on Mulberry FM 274 and the orchard is about 1.5 miles down on the right side. Cash or check only.

Check out our handy map to scope out the closest peach farms in Texas near you for some summer peach picking!

Peach Farms Near Houston

  • Neal’s Berry Farm

Texas Hill Country Peach Farms near Fredericksburg

  • Jenschke Orchards
  • Wahl’s Peaches
  • Sweet Eats Fruit Farm

Pick Your Own Peaches Near Dallas

  • Gemini Peach & Rose Farm
  • Jenkins Farms Peach Orchard
2023 Texas Peach Picking Farm Map | Very Truly Texas

Delicious Texas Peach Farm Stands

Not all Texas peach farms offer U-pick peaches, but many of them are worth a stop anyway! It gets pretty hot here in Texas in during peach harvest season, so no judgement here if you’d like to pick up a box of peaches already picked by the experts.

You also might also find that many of them offer homemade delicious ice cream. Seriously worth a stop just for that reason alone!

Das Peach Haus

Stop by this historic building for some of the best peaches in the area. Bakery treats, wine tasting, and culinary classes are also on the agenda.

Eckhardt Orchards

Peaches sold May through September, but subject to availability. Updates are consistent on social media. You’ll find other local fruits and vegetables sold here, along with canned produce to carry you with winter with delicious garden goods.

Studebaker Farms

Studebaker has received awards for the Best Roadside Stand and when you see it, you’ll know why. This farm strives for the highest quality peaches and guests agree that they are succeeding! Keep an eye on their FB page or call 830-990-1109 for crop updates. Peach jam and peach salsa are sold here too – yum!

Vogel Orchards

Harvest is from mid-May to mid-August each year at Vogel Orchards. Check for availability updates before visiting.

Burg’s Corner

Burg’s Corner is a local’s favorite and you are sure to love it too! Come check out the varieties from this peach farm in Texas find your new favorite peach stand.

The Orchard Stephensville

This gorgeous orchard is fairly young but has a huge following of fans already. They sell out every time they announce that peaches are ready – and visitors keep returning over and over again!

Click the top right button on their website to sign up for their Text Message Group. They will text you about a dozen times throughout the season to let you know that the peaches are ready and when they have sold out. How great is that?!

Who is ready for some juicy local Texas peach farm peaches?

Whether you pick your own or stop by a cute stand to pick up a bushel, you are in for a real treat. Eaten whole, bakes in pie, or topped on your ice cream – there is no wrong way to eat a Texas peach!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to check for DAILY updates before heading to any of these peach farms to pick your own peaches. So click a click a link above to check that they are open and enjoy your trip!


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