Wimberley Trail of Lights: Tips for Visiting in 2023

Deep in the heart of Texas, in the charming town of Wimberley, lies a must-see holiday attraction – the one and only Wimberley Trail of Lights!

If you have been around here awhile, you know that I LOVE Wimberley. We consider ourselves lucky to live just a short drive away and this Hill Country town is one of my favorites for a day trip. We visit several times a year, in all seasons, and the Christmas season is downright magical!

Finding new Christmas lights to explore in Texas is practically a family hobby and the Trail of Lights in Wimberley is one of the best in the area to enjoy.

Christmas lights in Wimberley Texas
Image courtesy of Trail of Lights

This event is held at the EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens. The lush gardens transform into a sparkling wonderland, complete with dazzling light displays and festive activities. This festive tradition puts Wimberely on our list of the best towns in Texas for Christmas.

Beginning in late November and running through December, this annual event covers eight acres of beautiful gardens with a captivating walking trail covered in twinkling lights. If you make a trip to Wimberley Trail of Lights, you can expect not only a beautiful Texas Christmas light display, but also live entertainment, hot cocoa stations, and a warm, welcoming small town community.

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Wimberley Trail of Lights Overview

2023 Season Dates

Christmas lights in Wimberley Texas
Image courtesy of Trail of Lights

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

This fantastic Texas Christmas celebration offers a fun and family-friendly atmosphere that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. As visitors wander through the trail, they are treated to various light displays, creative exhibits, and even live entertainment on most nights. Activities like hot cocoaSanta photos, and s’mores kits available to enhance the experience for families.

Supporting the Local Community

The event is free to attend, but the organizers gratefully accept donations at several stations throughout the grounds. These contributions assist the EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens in continuing to provide wonderful experiences like the Trail of Lights for the residents of Wimberley and its visitors.

Street Art in Wimberley Texas
Arrive early to explore Downtown Wimberley before dark!
Main street in Wimberley for shopping and restaurants

Main Attractions at Trail of Lights

Walking Trail and Lighted Exhibits

The Wimberley Trail of Lights is a twinkling, festive experience of lighted pathways to wander through eight acres of beautifully decorated Wonderland. The walking trail is lined with elaborately designed lighted exhibits, for extra holiday fun.

Meet Santa Claus

No holiday event would be complete without an opportunity to meet Santa Claus, and the Wimberley Trail of Lights is no exception! Santa is available to greet visitors most nights in his house, listen to their Christmas wishes, and pose for pictures.

Trail of Lights Holiday Snowman Exhibit
Image courtesy of Trail of Lights

Live Entertainment

The Wimberley Trail of Lights also offers live entertainment throughout the season. Plan to enjoy performances from local musicians, actors, and other talents while strolling through the illuminated path. The rotating schedule ensures that there will always be something new and festive even if you return over and over again!

Yule Log

A central feature of the Wimberley Trail of Lights is the Ye Olde Yule Log, which is lit and burns nightly, weather permitting. The warm glow of the Yule Log creates a cozy ambiance for you to gather around before or after your walking tour. One of the best things to do in Wimberley!

Near the Yule Log, you’ll find complimentary cocoa and marshmallows as well as a concession stand with hot dogs, Frito pie, s’mores and beverages available for purchase.

Entrance Store

If you have littles who love light up accessories for their walk along the Trail of Lights in Wimberley, stop by the Entrance Store to pick up a souvenir!

Trail of Lights postcard
Image courtesy of Trail of Lights

Visitor Information

Parking and Accessibility

Visitors to the Wimberley Trail of Lights will find ample parking available next door at the High School and Middle School. Please note that the trail is not paved, so be prepared for uneven terrain. Golf carts are available for those unable to walk along the path.

Important Dates

The Wimberley Trail of Lights is perfect for holiday travelers who wish to experience a festive, exciting atmosphere during the holiday season. The event runs from December 2 – December 26. Here are a few important dates to note when choosing which day to visit.

  • December 9: Chocolate Night – Enjoy chocolate samples from several local vendors
  • December 24 – December 25: The Trail is open, but all concessions, Yule Log, and entertainment is closed

Travel and Nearby Attractions

Look for the Cowboy Boots in Wimberley Texas!
Check out the gorgeous cowboy boots around Main Street and beyond!
Outdoor dining in Wimberley Texas.
So many great eateries to explore!

While visiting the Wimberley Trail of Lights, travelers can explore a variety of nearby attractions to make their holiday experience even more memorable. In Wimberley, you will discover charming shops, eateries, and picturesque scenery to enjoy.

We highly recommend arriving early because there is just so much to do in Texas Hill Country! Walk along the natural springs in Cypress Creek Preserve, follow the trail of artfully painted jumbo sized cowboy boots, shop for unique holiday gifts, and grab dinner at a local restaurant. Gorgeous outdoor patios line the Main Street in Wimberley with The Leaning Pear and Wimberley Café both being popular choices for dinner.

Planning to stay overnight in Wimberley? Great Idea!

Here are a few of our favorite spots: (all have room for families too!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you buy tickets for the Wimberley Trail of Lights?

The Wimberley Trail of Lights is a free event, and there is no need to purchase tickets. However, donations are gratefully accepted to help support the event and EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens.

What’s the schedule for the Trail of Lights in Wimberley?

The event runs December 2-26, 2023 from dusk until 9pm (10pm on weekend nights). Keep in mind that weather conditions can cause the event to close.

How do you get to the Wimberley Trail of Lights?

The event takes place at the EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens located in Wimberley, Texas. The address is 1101 Ranch Road 2325, Wimberley, TX 78676. Plan to park next door at the high school.

Pioneer Town in Wimberley
Pioneer Town in Wimberley – not far from the Trail of Lights!

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